Wellbeing spa & school Himawari

Thank you for visiting us.
We have launched a future creation project to make everyone involved in Himawari happy and to spread the circle of smiles and happiness all over the world. Knowing yourself and understanding your surroundings will allow you to see the future from a completely different angle.
It is important for each person to stand on their own feet and open up their own life.
I am convinced that world peace will not be in the distant future if we can create our own unwavering axis and overflow with love.
Aromatherapy and Reiki Healing Star Reading / Numerology, which are natural remedies that have transformed my own life into something wonderful. In some countries, medical insurance is also applied, and it is a technology with world-class knowledge.
After graduation, we also have an environment where you can play an active role as a lecturer / therapist at Himawari. Let’s fly to the world for a bright future together.

Wellbeing Spa & School Himawari
Owner therapist
Azusa Katayama

certification Qualification

Nurse license
Nursing care support specialist license
Aromatherapy Advisor
Medical aroma instructor
Medical Aroma Facial Pro
Maternity aroma therapist
Reiki Master & Teacher
Balancing chakra & voice healer
Power Stone & Wave Appraiser
Star reading course certified instructor
Talented Flower Analysis & Future Appraiser

Established certification

Tokimeki opening course
Amazing aromatherapy
Future Creation Project
Talent Flowering Analysis Emotion Release Session

Business activity Business content

Lecturer training
School instructor
Counseling session
Marche planning and sponsorship
Lecturer dispatch

Media Media

Nyusu Moriyama
Kyoto Shimbun
Chunichi Shimbun
Yomiuri Shimbun

Biwako Broadcasting
NHK Oumi departure 630
Efuem Kusatsu

Event Event

Hato Marche (Supported by Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture Gender Equality Center)
-Held from 2015 to 2017: 10,000 visitors in total
Glitter Mama ’s Cafe (Co-sponsored by Kojibukuro Town Development Center)
Love step-up course (sponsored by Shiga Prefectural Gender Equality Center)

Biography instructor career

First debut as a lecturer about opening a home salon at JEA tea party
Sponsored by Shiga Prefectural Gender Equality Center, Women’s Challenge Support Course (2016-2017 lecturer)
Hikone City Gender Equality Center sponsored by women’s challenge support course (2017 lecturer)
Collaborative course with the prefecture “Shiga WO MAN Net Course” (sponsored standard management from 2012 to the present, lecturer)
2017 “Women’s Challenge Symposium” sponsored by Shiga Prefecture (on stage as a representative of entrepreneurs in Shiga Prefecture)