You will learn how to use aroma in the medical field and the knowledge and skills necessary as a therapist.

[Available for online courses]

Introduction to aroma life 5 times 10 hours 30,000 yen (tax included)

Aroma is a home medicine box. By making the most of the aroma, you can spend a healthy and happy life.


① Basic knowledge and history of aromatherapy

② How to use aroma by symptom (body)

③ How to use aroma by symptom (heart)

④Effects and safety of essential oils ・ Precautions for use

⑤ Relationship between scent weight and action ・ Basics of scent blending

[Practical skill: Craft creation]

① Aroma bath / aroma fragrance
② Bathing method / herb bath salts

③ Application method ・ Aroma blend oil

④ Poultice method / Hungary water

⑤ Beauty method / aroma beauty mask

Aroma craft work & recipe included for each course